In the framework of the strategic goal of the Cyprus Tourism Organisation to become the Information and Knowledge Bank of the tourism sector, the CTO Library was created in 1997. The Library is a specialized information bank on travel and tourism.


The CTO Library aims to:
1. Enhance the professionalism of the CTO employees, industry personnel and all tourism partners
2. Faster and effective provision of information to internal and external users
3. Facilitation of research
4. Development of tourism conscience.



The Library collects information and research material relating to travel and tourism directly or indirectly such as books, research/studies, plans, statistics, catalogs, manuals, guides, maps, legislation, government publications, CD Rom/video/slides/tapes and other audiovisual aids, publications of the Cyprus Tourism Organisation and other National Tourism Organisations, the World Tourism Organization, the European Commission and other local and international organisations.

The collection is organised electronically and physically and contains more than 15.000 titles at the headquarters and 1.500 titles at the offices in the various regions of Cyprus and abroad. The material is organised by topic and kind (see the Catalog). Special reference must be made to the publications of the Cyprus Tourism Organisation, other National Tourism Organisations, the World Tourism Organization, the Cypriot Government and the European Commission on travel and tourism related issues.


Services Offered:

o Service at the Library, study room, photocopies
o Long-distance service via email, fax, post
o Internal borrowing
o Information search in Internet and other electronic databases.

CTO Library:

Tel.: +357 22 691 238


Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday  08:00 - 14:30

Library collection list:
The collection of the Library is available in pdf and xls.
In the pdf file by pressing Ctrl+F you can write your request and make a search.
In the xls file there are search filters in every collumn which can help you make an easy and quick search according to your choice √ in every box.